Monday, April 13, 2009

Manga Update 4-13-09: Fullmetal Alchemist and D.Gray-man

WARNING: The following post contains possible spoilers for the recent chapters of FMA and DGM, you have been warned.

Thoughts on Fullmetal Alchemist chapters 93-94: God damn! Arakawa, you never fail to amaze me with the way you know how to tell a story! Sadly, it definitely feels like the series is drawing to a close, so I better enjoy it while I can. Especially if its been announced that the manga for FMA will be ending around 100 chapters. There's a few things I would love to comment on, however, I’m just gonna focus on the highlight of these chapters: Roy VS Envy. So now Roy knows Envy was the one who killed Hughes, and boy oh boy, Roy is not holding back one bit. He was totally kicking Envy’s ass! Its about damn time Envy got a good beating, he deserved it after all he as done. But then just right before Roy could finish him off, Ed and Scar appear and stop him because they think his act of vengeance had gone too far. As great as it was seeing Roy beat the tar out of Envy, Roy was getting a bit carried away there with his moment of revenge. I’m curious to see what will happen next, sadly i’ll have to wait for a whole month to find out....along whith everything else thats happening....*sigh*

One final thing before I move on, mind if I quote this rather humorous line from one moment from chap 94? When the military folks in Central where fighting against the guys from Mt. Briggs...

Officer- “It's not like they have tank!” *tank appears* “They even brought a -ARGH!!” *bam!*

Just brilliant! XDDD

Thoughts on D.Gray-man chapters 179-184: Its great to see Katsura Hoshino out of the hospital and getting back to working on DGM again. I would have read these newer chapters sooner but I got distracted by Captain Tylor, ToraDora, One Piece and my hype over the new FMA anime. (Which is a good thing, because it allowed chapters to build up, and I like reading multiple chapters at once.) Now that I have, I shall comment. =D
To start on, I still can’t get used to this new art style that Katsura is using, I really miss the old look of the art. It just feels awkward and the panels feel oddly placed. It doesn’t help the fact that I haven’t read DGM sense Nov, so there was a few times where I found myself sitting there scratching my head trying to figure out what was happening. I would also complain about how the series seems to have taken a dive story-wise, but thankfully it looks like its starting to get back on track. I say this because after the Noah’s Ark arc and the appearance of the first level 4 Akuma, the writing just didn’t seem as good. Sure the arc where everyone at the Black Order turned into zombies was funny as hell, but after the epic-ness that happened before it, its just pale in comparison. Thankfully, as stated, as of chapters 183 and 184, it feels like the story is starting to pick up again. Its also about damn time we get more development on Allen being the 14th Noah (I was wondering when the story was going to get back to that) There was even one moment when Allen woke up and he actually looked like the 14th! This isn’t a good sign, it looks like Allen is turning into the Noah (just as I thought would happen many chapters ago). The plot thickens.... *dun dun DUN!* (lots of other stuff happened too, but like FMA, I only covered the main highlight of the chapters)

Man I would love to say more, but I decided to only make this just a quick, fly-by post (there's other stuff I want to do right now at this moment). I’ll try and comment more next time...

Oh and, coming soon: a post on my thoughts on the new FMA anime so far! ^^