Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thoughts on: Slayers Evolution-R

Well, I just finished watching Evolution-R not too long ago, yet why do I have the incredible urge to punch somebody right now? Perhaps its because this “season” of Slayers annoyed me just as much as the second season of Tsubasa Chronicle did....Okay, maybe it wasn’t THAT bad (considering how the second season of Tsubasa was udder trash), but it was still pretty bad.

From what I was hearing around the net, both Revolution and Evolution-R where not in the original novels that the Slayers series was based on. Hell I heard even Try wasn’t in the novels and was invented for the anime. Even though these episodes where filler, there is a big difference between them. When they where still working on the first 3 Slayers series 10 years ago back in 1995-1997, the novels where still being published at the time. Supposedly the first 2 seasons are based on the first 8 novels. I don’t know the whole story, but I bet JC Staff made Try to allow Hajime Kanzaka time to finish the novels, or it was a marketing ploy to make additional episodes to make more money from the series, or perhaps both. Even though these episodes where filler, I thought they maintained the quality that made Slayers so great in the first place (plus, they had the same writing staff as the first 2 seasons). Now here it is 10 years later and they finally decide to give us more Slayers. Knowing Hollywood and their sequels they make many years later, and how the sequels are poorer in quality compared to the first film, I had low expectations for Slayers. I knew it would be impossible for these new seasons to be just as good as the first 3, but I had my hopes up that JC Staff would still be able to give us something decent to watch.

Revolution I thought was okay for the most part, I thought they managed to recapture the feel of the first Slayers series pretty well. The writing was still pretty shabby and had its flaws, but it was expected for a 10 year hiatus. Although, now i’m beginning to think that my hype for new Slayers episodes at the time made me overlook any possible flaws which would be like the ones I saw in Evolution-R. As for Evolution-R, what really irked me the most was the inconsistent writing. I don’t know if its because its been a while sense I saw the first 3 seasons of Slayers, but the writing in Evolution-R sucked. Characters seemed to act out of character sometimes, the original plot they thought of seemed awkwardly executed, there was times where things did not make sense at all, Naga from the Slayers movies showed up then just disappeared (and her soul had been transfered to a suit of armor *cough* Fullmetal Alchemist *cough*), and the ending was predictable and it made me want to take a hammer to someone’s head for their lack of creativity.The whole series started off okay, but it seemed like the more it continued the worse it got, and it did not help how some of the characters kept changing attitudes on a whim. And the ending to the whole mess...*face palm*

SPOILER FOR THE END OF EVOLUTION-R AHEAD (be warned, this ending pissed me off BIG time, and I’m still pissed about it right now...then again, this whole “season” bugged me, but the ending was the kicker)

***I mean seriously?!? Its obvious that if they would try to resurrect Rezo that that demon dude Shabranigdu (sp?) could come back to life. I realised that this would happen about little over half-way though the series. Then what irked me the most about the ending was the fact that Lina casted the Giga Slave spell AGAIN, so he could beat the guy AGAIN, just like in the first season. Like WTFASDFHGJKKGHFDDGHJGJHGJK!?!?!??! Are the writers really that UNCREATIVE!?!?! Christ!!!! Instead of all these stupid, poorly written episodes with this S**** of an ending, why couldn’t they give us something that was in the novels!! I mean, THERE ARE STILL 7 NOVELS THAT CAN BE ADAPTED INTO ANIME FORM FOR GOD SAKE!!! SO STOP GIVING US S*** LIKE THIS JC STAFF AND GET ON WITH IT!!! AND YOU BETTER DO THE SAME GOD-DAMM THING FOR ZERO NO TSUKAIMA WHILE YOU'RE AT IT! THAT SERIES HAS GONE DOWN THE TUBE TOO THANKS TO YOU!!!!***

Sorry, had to unleash my rage there...I’m still pretty peeved about that ending. As stated, I was expecting “bad” with these new episodes of Slayers, and that's what I got. I’ll give JC Staff another shot though, perhaps the whole point of Revolution/Evolution-R was to get people into Slayers again before they get back into the actual novel material, which I really hope that was the case here. If they don’t and they decide to give us more money-making garbage like Revolution/Evolution-R i’m going to mail them a bomb as my expression on how they have officially killed such a great classic anime series with their love for profit.....

Overal, 1-10 (10 being highest) Slayers Evolution-R at the moment deserves a 4 just for pissing me off.
And Slayers Revolution, because its the first half of this "season" and because i'm pissed off still, I will doc points from it. So instead of a 7, it deserves a 5 just for being part of the crap-fest